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Liquid Lens Objective

The liquid lens objective is an S-mount objective with internal focusing on the basis of a liquid lens. The working distance can be electronically set by applying voltage. This procedure makes mechanical components completely obsolete. The objective’s design is compact and robust. The objective has excellent optical properties and is ideally suited for observation or image processing tasks.
Focal length and mounting thread can be adjusted to customer specifications.

Article No. BW-09-01
Focal length (mm) 3,35
f-Number 1:2,8
Working distance (mm) 10 - ∞
Chipsize (inch) ¼
Connection M12x0,5 S-Mount
Dimensions (mm²) 14 x 22

Further technical details

FOV 64°
Resolution: > 40 % bei 100 lp/mm über gesamt FOV
Wavelength range: VIS 440 nm < λ < 650 nm
Distortion: < 6,5 %
Transmission: > 87 %
Working temperature: - 20° Celsius to 60° Celsius
Dimensions: diameter 14 mm, length 21,7 mm
supply voltage: 0 - 60 Volt VAC
Connection: S-Mount (M12X0,5)
Connector: JST SR connector
Storage temperature: - 30° C to 85° C
Working temperature: - 20° C to 60° C
Options: External power supply
(via I²C or USB, „Stand alone“ solution)