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Customer Specific Laser Optics

Befort develops and manufactures laser optics for a wide range of applications since more than 20 years. Befort offerings range from a simple AR coated protective glass with a high laser damage threshold to a complex focus readjustment unit for ultrashort pulse lasers (Zoombox). Our laser optics are made of high quality Schottglass or quartz glass. Befort coats the optics precisely for their wave length. The coating exhibits a particular high laser damage threshold (LDT).

We develop and manufacture for you:

  • Laser mirrors (metallic or dielectric)
  • Laser filters
  • Laser optics
  • Telecentric laser optics
  • Ultrashort pulse laser optics
  • Coated laser protective windows (protective glass) for various laser sources (e.g. Nd:YAG)
  • Laser beam expander with fixed or variable magnification
  • f-theta objectives
  • Scanner optics with integrated observation optics
  • Focus readjustment units (Zoombox)